EIWEI CD-E Series - Routine Cleaning

The EIWEI CD-E Series Ultrasonic Cleaner - perfect solution for both delecate and heavy-duty cleaning tasks. Use Normal mode for gentle cleaning, Pulse mode for strong cleaning, Degas mode to degas fresh cleaning solutions or mix. Whether your're looking to restore the shine to your jewelry or give a throungh clean to automotive parts, this series ultrasonic cleaner are designed to meeat all your routine cleaning needs with precision and ease.

EIWEI CD-C Series - Precision Cleaning

For those who demand more control over their cleaning processess, EIWEI CD-C Series Ultrasonic Cleaner offers the ultimate in customization and efficiency. Ideal for advanced ultrasonic cleaner users, this series allows you to fine-tune the ultrasonic power, time and temperature to achieve optimal results for a wide range of applications.

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