EIWEI 2L Ultrasonic Cleaner of Dual Power with Degas Function (CD-E2)

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  • Normal mode for gentle cleaning
  • Pulse mode for strong cleaning or mixing
  • Degas mode for degassing fresh cleaning solutions
  • Timer settings to 1-99 minutes
  • Temperature settings up to 80 °C
  • 0.5 gal. tank volume
  • Package weight: 7 lbs

EIWEI CD-E2 Ultrasonic Cleaner, the perfect solution for both delicate and heavy-duty cleaning tasks. Whether your're looking to restore the shine to your jewelry or give a throungh clean to automotive parts, this ultrasonic cleaner is designed to meet all your needs with precision and ease.

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Why Use Ultrasonic for Cleaning

Non-Destructive Cleaning

CD-E series ultrasonic cleaner gentle enough for delicate items yet powerful enough for the toughest jobs, our ultrasonic cleaner ensures that your valuables are cleaned thoroughly without any damage.

Chemical-Less Cleaning

Uses only water and a small amount of cleaning solution, reducing the need for harsh chemicals and protecting the enviroment.

Time and Effort Saving

Achieve professional cleaning in minutes, cutting down on time and labor compared to traditional methods.

Why Choose EIWEI CD-E2 Ultrasonic Cleaner

Dual Power Settings for Versatillity

  • Normal Mode:Half ultrasonic power perfect for sensitive items like jewelry, glasses, and watches, ensuring they are cleaned thoroughly without any risk of damage.
  • Pulse Mode:Full ultrasonic power tailored for tougher cleaning jobs like tools, automotive parts, and heavily soiled items, offering a powerful clean that eliminates even the most stubborn grime.

Advanced Cleaning Action

40kHz High-frequency ultrasonic waves create millions of tiny bubbles that penetrate deep into every nook and cranny, lifting away dirt and contaminants effortlessly.

Degassing Function

Enhances cleaning efficiency by removing trapped air from the cleaning solution, ensuring optimal ultrasonic performance and better cleaning results.

Precision Timer

Set the exact cleaning time needed for each item, from 1 to 99 minutes, for perfect results every time.

Fast Heater

Effectively removes oil, wax, and other stubborn dirt by heating the cleaning solution, making it easier to break down and eliminate tough residues.

Robust Construction

Made from high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, the tank is resistant to corrosion and built to last.

0.5 Gallon Volume

The compact tank can hold multiple small items at once, making it ideal for personal use.

User-Friendly Controls

The intuitive control panel makes selecting the right cleaning mode, heater, and timer settings a breeze.

What Can You Clean with EIWEI CD-E2 Ultrasonic Cleaner


Restore the sparkle to you rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.


Clean your glasses and lenses, removing smudges and grime.


Safely clean watch bands, cases, and other components.

Dentures and Dental Tools

Ensure thorough hygiene and cleanliness for dentures, dental instruments, and retainers.


Clean small electronic components, circuit boards, and tools.

Automotive Parts

Clean carburetors, injectors, and other small engine parts effectively.

Before & After Ultrasonic Cleaning


Degassing refers to the removal of dissolved gases from a liquid, which can hinder the cavitation process. Our CD-E series ultrasonic cleaners have a degassing feature that can be proformed before starting the main cleaning cycle. For ultrasonic cleaners without this feature, running the cleaners for a while can also help degas the solution.

  • Porous Stones: Such as pearls, opals, and emeralds, which can be damaged by ultrasonic vibrations.
  • Certain Electronics: Items with loose or delicate components, such as hearing aids or non-waterproof watches.
  • Delicate Materials: Items made of materials that can be easily scratched or damaged, such as certain plastics or wood.
  • Items with Loose Inlays: Such as jewelry with glued-in gemstones, which can become dislodged.
  • Vintage or Antique Items: Delicate items that may be weakened by age and susceptible to damage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Z George
Hobby cleaning deep review

Not bad for my first ultrasonic cleaner. After reading quite a bit of reviews on ultrasonic cleaners and hitting multiple YouTube videos trying to determine what's really worth it. I wanted to just give this one a try it was pretty affordable and has decent reviews so I'll show you guys a couple of things about the system That might help out with buying it or not buying it.1. This units display works completely fine. All buttons are operational, and it even comes with a tiny little card to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit. so it's easier to pick up on Celsius to Fahrenheit but it is very convenient to have that card that I occasionally look over. The heating element seems to work. I type in the value that I want it to be I hit heating and the unit starts heating up. I have found it easier to add hot water from the sink instead of cold tapwater and waiting for it to heat that water up. Most of my cleaning I run at 40 Celsius, and the conversion card with the unit tells me that's at 104F.2. The timer goes pretty high for this unit. A lot of the ones I was finding were about 3 to 5 minute intervals this one I believe will go all the way up to an hour but I have never ran it for that long. Personally, I try not to run it over 30 minutes. And the instructions warn against running this machine longer than an hour.4. There are a few warnings on the front of this unit, such as do not drop any item into the machine, as well as ensuring that 2/3 of the water level is full before turning the machine on. I'm not sure the exact ratio every item is supposed to be, but I do fill the water line to where it goes over the basket that comes with the machine. I'm not taking any chances.5. so far it's cleaned things perfectly for me. Sometimes I will have to run the cleaner another time, but that could be because the only solution I put into the machine is just Dawn and water. As you see in the pictures, I'm using the machine to clean a stainless steel coffee pod for Keurig. Normally I just wash this out by hand by swinging my finger in the bowl a couple of times and knocking the grounds out today. I told myself I'm gonna run it through the machine and we're gonna see how clean it can get do to the tiny perforations that sponges can't get to.6. The machine works great. I will say only focus on doing one item at a time. It seems to overwhelm the unit and doesn't clean that well with a crowded basket. I even took my pressure washing nozzle off and put it into the machine for cleaning. Normally I rotate the head on the nozzle to select which pattern I want to spray with this machine cleaned the nozzle so well, I thought I broke it. There was absolutely zero resistance when turning the nozzle to the desired pattern but when I used it, I had no issues at all and it functioned perfectly.Tips:1. If you were going to clean any item, it's a good idea to get a pre-soak going on. This will help break up items and soften up hard things.this is just a personal recommendation, but I have found it easier to clean anything when you allow time for it to soak and absorb all the chemicals completely.2. I haven't really noticed a difference between heated cleaning and regular tapwater cleaning although the products that I am cleaning are metal and probably won't benefit much from temperature fluctuations during cleaning cycles.3. I run my cycles at 15 minutes on the normal cleaning mode. That being said, I set the timer for 17 minutes. During the first two minutes of the cleaning operation I use the Degas feature. This compresses, all of the tiny air pockets and little tiny bubbles that are in crevices and then releases them, allowing them to float to the surface. This is a Pulse style cleaning that does really well at eliminating pockets of air. You can absolutely run the unit without this feature, but I have found that there are small tiny pockets of air that end up in places I never expect for example when I'm using this to clean my air brushes. After the first minute or two minutes of D gas I'll run in normal operation. I feel like pulse mode is just there to swirl stuff around and it doesn't clean as well as normal operation. I leave it to clean for 15 minutes and normal operation and then I inspect the item to see if it needs one more round.4. Be careful of what chemicals you put in this I advise against any flammable vapors (IPA). Yes, there are tons of videos who say they use it to clean with and have an experienced a problem yet. I'll just put it this way. Example: You can drive with your feet, but that doesn't make it a good idea.Another word of warning in regards to chemicals that you are using, because us of any corrosive chemicals. Some people use super green, but I do know that the United States Army wanted to move away from that because it was corroding certain metal objects. And in the civilian sector, I have handled products before that were labeled as noncorrosive to metal to eventually return to find a spill where it is complete...

Amazon Customer
Important piece for jewelers

I have purchased this same unit for myself and others. Great machine.

It's compact and easy to store

I use it to clean my glasses.

Professional cleaning machine

The plug is specialized so it can't be used in ordinary outlets without a conversion connector, which you need to prepare yourself. It feels like it's meant for commercial use, but I wish it could use a normal outlet. And its function is definitely that of a professional ultrasonic cleaner. I own a small cleaner for accessories, which I've used several times, but this one cleans incomparably better. It's quite noisy.

David G Brewer
Ultra sonic professional stainless cleaning machine

My friend 27 years Jewelery making with designLoving it so far it does what is says , it's performing flawlessly so farVery good qualityExcellent

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