Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic technology is highly suitable for cleaning a variety of objects such as jewelry, dental instruments, metal parts, medical equipment, glasses and electronic components. It is particularly useful for items that are difficult to clean by hand, such as those with delicate features or complex shapes.

To choice of cleaning solution depends on the type of items being cleaned and the nature of the contaminants. For general cleaning, mild dish soap and water can be used. For more specialized cleaning. there are solutions tailored for specific material such as metals, plastics, ro electronics.

While most items can be safety cleaned using ultrasonic technology, certain materials (like delicate metals, precious stones, and objects with loose parts) may be damaged by the cavitation process. If in doubt, always refer to the manufaturer's instructions or consult an expert.

The duration of the cleaning cycle can vary depending on the object being cleaned and the degree fo contamination. Most household ultrasonic cleaners run cleaning cycles ranging from a few minutes to about twenty minutes. Industrial ultrasonic cleaners may have longer cycle times.

Yes, tap water is suitable for most basic cleaning tasks in ultrasonic cleaners. However, adding acleaning solution or detergent can significantly enhance the cleaning effectiveness, especially for oily items.

Degassing refers to the removal of dissolved gases from a liquid, which can hinder the cavitation process. Our CD-E series ultrasonic cleaners have a degassing feature that can be proformed before starting the main cleaning cycle. For ultrasonic cleaners without this feature, running the cleaners for a while can also help degas the solution.

While ultrasonic cleaners can remove impurities and loose rust from metal surfaces, they may not be able to remove entrenched rust. In some cases, a rust remover or a specific cleaning solution designed for rust removal might be needed.

Examples of routine maintenance include emptying and cleaning the tank after each use, ensuring the ultrasonic cleaner is dry and clean before storge, and regularly cheking for wear or damage. It is also important to follow the manufacture's maintenance guide lines.

Despite their versatile use, some materials or objects should not be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner. These include items with loose settings or jewelry, fragile or porous gemstones (such as pearls, opals), various forms of plastics that might degrade under extreme cavitation, and products with weak adhesive bonds. If in doubt, always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or seek expert advice.

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