Useful Information of EIWEI ultrasonic cleaners


Differences In Ultrasonic Cleaners and their applications:

Ultrasonic cleaning machines come in different categories. They are: 

Portable Ultrasonic Cleaners-This category is used in home for cleaning jewelry, eyeglasses, watchband, denture, baby toys, coins etc. Features simple with PCBA and Piezoelectric ceramic.


Tabletop Ultrasonic Cleaners – They are available in a variety of different functions and sizes, suitable for commercial purpose such as optical and jewelry shops, tattoo shops, dental clinics, Central Sterile Supply Department in hospital, laboratories, repair shops. They have efficient PCBA and transducers but not like the heavy-duty industrial type.  They should not be used for production cleaning because they are not rated for 24 hours operation.


Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners – This category comes with industrial grade transducers and generators for large ultrasonic power. Their tanks are constructed with heavy-duty welded stainless steel, and the generator is separated from the tank. These types of ultrasonic cleaners are basically used for production cleaning and are very efficacious.


Examples of applications for industrial ultrasonic cleaning:

  • Aircraft components, brakes, machined parts
  • Anything that is honed, lapped, buffed, or polished (ceramic, glass, metals)
  • Automotive fuel injector nozzles and components
  • Bearings
  • Blind cleaning (window blinds)
  • Carbide cutting tools
  • Cathode ray tube components (TV picture tube components)
  • Computer disk drive and head components
  • Fire restoration
  • Glass substrates
  • Maintenance - cleaning of electronic assemblies
  • Maintenance - cleaning mechanical assemblies
  • Maintenance - cleaning of food manufacturing filling equipment
  • Molds (maintenance cleaning)
  • Optical components
  • Preparation of metals prior to titanium nitride coating
  • Quartz crystals (radio, television, computer, pagers, cellular phones)
  • Semiconductor, components, substrates, and sub-assemblies)

2: How to Pick the Best EIWEI Tabletop Ultrasonic Cleaner 

When you know these 5 tips on the way to select the tabletop ultrasonic cleaners.

You will get the best ultrasonic cleaner at the best price you need.

 The 5 tips are as follows:

1. Ultrasonic Cleaner Tank Dimensions

Measure the dimensions of the largest object to be cleaned and confirm the number of them to be cleaned at once.

Select the model having tank that will accommodate them 。

You’ll also need to know the working depth of the cleaning fluid as it relates to the size of parts you’re cleaning.

 This is important because parts being cleaned must be fully immersed in the liquid.


2. Choose the controller of the machine, need digital button or analog knob. 

Typically, digital control models cleaning time is 1-99 minutes. Analog control models cleaning time is 1-30 minutes.

The temperature both of them cannot set exceed 80°C.

EIWEI-F/E series are digital ultrasonic cleaners.

EIWEI-B series is Analog ultrasonic cleaners.

When choosing a control way, you should also consider whether the product's working time meets your needs.


3. The Benefits of the additional functions: 

Degas Mode: Freshly prepared cleaning solutions contain entrained air that inhibits cavitation.

Degas mode causing air bubbles to coalesce, rise to the surface and burst. This process can be faster to remove trapped air.

High/Low ultrasonic power:

While large ultrasonic power usually indicates faster and more effective cleaning, but it's not always better. Too much power can damage electronic parts, the surface finish on a soft metal (e.g. aluminum), and other delicate items.

For cleaning extremely sensitive items, it’s best choose the models with adjustable power.

If you have above needs, the best choice is the EIWEI-E series.

4. How to Specify Ultrasonic Frequency

95% ultrasonic cleaners operate between 35 and 45 kHz.

EIWEI-B/F/E series ultrasonic cleaners are 40kHz.This frequency is well suited to the vast majority of cleaning tasks.

If you need high frequency, EIWEI-G series with 68/80/100/120kHz can be customized.

The low frequency such as 28kHz is usually used in industrial ultrasonic cleaners.

 5. Selecting Accessories

A variety of accessories are available to support the use of ultrasonic cleaners. For convenient uses, we offer free stainless-steel lid for reduce the sound, and free basket for cleaning the small parts.